DE Rashan Gary, Michigan*

6’4” – 277 lbs. – 4.58

Rotated into the defense over thirteen games as a freshman (24-5.0-1.0), then had a big sophomore season which turned out to be his most productive (66-12.0-6.0). Only got onto the field for nine games as a junior and had a somewhat down year (44-7.5-3.5) but decided to declare for the draft anyway. Typically lines up as a defensive end, taking snaps from different techniques and on both sides of the line of scrimmage; rarely slid inside even on obvious passing downs, and that may not really be his position in a base defense. Pretty big for a defensive end and can absorb contact and mix it up in the run game. Plus athlete who can scrape down the line of scrimmage and flow toward the ball. Demonstrates the ability to lock out and shed blockers to make tackles in the run game. Good discipline when working in backside contain; stays home and doesn’t get sucked in by misdirection. Exhibits a strong motor in pursuit and can make some tackles from the backside; well-conditioned athlete who’s willing to chase to the sideline on a snap-to-snap basis. Tenacious pass-rusher who brings a lot of energy on a snap-to-snap basis. Tends to rely on his ability to convert speed to power, with good extension and leg drive to walk back opposing offensive tackles and generate pressure on the quarterback. Looks pretty smooth dipping his shoulder and bending back to the quarterback when rushing from a wide alignment. Uses hands well to slip blockers. Good closing burst to finish; uses his length to attack the ball. Would like to see him rushing more from the inside on tape to get a feel for his capacity to generate pressure against interior linemen; inside pressure usually comes from stunts and twists. Could stand to vary his approach a little bit and work more inside moves into his game. Pass-rush production leaves a little bit to be desired in a top prospect, but looked difficult to handle on tape. A very well-rounded, likable prospect who plays with the physicality, ferociousness, and awareness to develop into a valuable member of a defensive line, converting his explosiveness into power and offering enough speed to challenge the edge. Seems more like a pure defensive end who might be able to slide inside in some situations at the next level than a defensive tackle prospect and looks to be a strong candidate for the first half of the first round.

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