LB Josh Allen, Kentucky

6’5” – 262 lbs. – 4.63

Began his collegiate career weighing just 210 pounds. Played in twelve games as a freshman, then bulked up to 230 pounds and started nine of thirteen the following year, recording 62-8.5-7.0 with four forced fumbles. Had a similar junior season (66-10.5-7.0, two forced fumbles) before adding another thirty pounds this year, leading to a highly successful campaign (84-18.5-14, five forced fumbles in the regular season). Rushes out of a two-point stance on the end of an odd front; takes snaps on both sides of the line. Also lines up as more of a traditional linebacker. Tall with good bulk and length. Uses his quickness to make inside moves and disrupt opposing ballcarriers in the run game. Good patience and discipline when defending the run from the back side. Able to use his arms to keep opposing blockers out of his pads. Flashes the ability to use his hands to shed opposing blockers. Good pursuit to the sidelines on outside runs and screen passes. More of a rangy player than an end who uses his power to attack blockers. Gets put on skates at times. Was a highly-productive pass-rusher in college. Not quite as explosive as some other high-end pass-rush prospects, but can cover a lot of ground with his first step, making it difficult to keep him from winning the edge when he times the snap count successfully. Predominantly an outside speed rusher. Able to dip his shoulder and bend around the edge. Good awareness to go for the strip when closing from the backside; can slap away an opposing lineman’s hands and chop the quarterback’s arm to create forced fumbles. As in the run game, could do a better job of getting low and converting speed to power to bull-rush opposing tackles and collapse the pocket; doesn’t have the power element his size would lead you to expect. All-around passing-down weapon who makes plenty of drops into coverage; covers a lot of ground when shuffling/spot-dropping. Did a little bit of pattern-matching against opposing tight ends, and can even carry them down the field on wheel routes if needed. A little bit reminiscent of former first-round pick Dion Jordan in the sense that he offers plus size and the ability to do a little bit of everything on passing downs. Looks likely to come off the board within the first five picks and almost certainly the top ten.

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