DT Ed Oliver, Houston*

6’2” – 287 lbs. – N/A
Has been a major contributor since his freshman season, in which he posted 66-22.5-5.0. Followed that up with a 73-16.5-5.5 sophomore campaign and a 54-14.5-3.0 junior campaign in just eight games, missing four due to a knee injury. Well-built defensive lineman who has a trim, muscular frame and a decent combination of height and bulk. A prospect whose game is predicated on aggression and explosiveness and who lives in opposing backfields. Elite athlete who has excellent snap-count anticipation, and fires out of his stance with a low pad level and elite burst; excellent reaction times to the ball being snapped. Combination of those traits allows him to knife into gaps with ease, using technique to blow up plays in the backfield before they get started. Active with his hands and has enough power in them to discard blockers. Predominantly a gap-shooter but because of his excellent pad level and lower-body strength, is capable of generating push with his bull-rush. Rangy defensive tackle in space, with the ability to chase ballcarriers toward the sidelines. Drew a lot of attention from opposing offensive linemen and is able to create congestion with his tenacity and leg drive, even against double-teams. However, can struggle to locate the ball at times, negating his athletic ability; needs to do a better job of keeping his head up. Struggles to protect his legs from chop blocks. The Cougars’ run defense crumbled when he was sidelined this past year, a further testament to his value. The same traits that make him a disruptor in the run game carry over onto passing downs, where he remains a handful. Sack production was good but not great, particularly considering the relatively low level of competition he played. However, still drew a lot of double-teams from opponents, managed to pick up plenty of quarterback pressures nonetheless, and exhibits elite closing burst to finish his rushes and bring down passers. Alert player who has four career forced fumbles and fourteen career batted throws. Although his knee and character may require further investigation, is clearly one of the most special athletes in this year’s class and offers everything teams look for in a one-gapping defensive tackle. The type of interior lineman whose skillset could easily make him a foundational piece of a pro defense, and who looks slated to go high even in a draft class which is packed with high-end defensive line prospects.

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