DT Terry Beckner Jr., Missouri

6’4” – 296 lbs. – 5.19
Five-star recruit who started five of ten games but sustained a season-ending torn ACL and MCL in his right knee, then tore his other ACL seven games into the following season. Posted 27-8.0-3.0 and 24-2.0-0.0 in those two campaigns, respectively. Finished his collegiate career with lines of 35-11.0-7.0 and 34-11.0-3.5, playing in thirteen games in each of the final two years. Tall three-technique with long arms and solid bulk; carries his weight well. Flashes impressive get-off at the line of scrimmage to threaten gaps, but reaction times are inconsistent. Gets good extension with his arms to lock out blockers. Has quick, active hands to prevent opponents from getting into his frame. Works different moves into his game; overhand swim move and swipe are two of his more effective moves, but uses a spin move as well. Frequently uses the spin as a way to disengage from opponents more than as a go-to move, but it may not be the most efficient option. Range is a little bit limited; more explosive in a short-area than fast in space and looks a little bit plodding at times. Nonetheless, has a wide tackling radius and enough strength to pursue and tackle ballcarriers between the tackles. Doesn’t seem like he always trusts his instincts, which can cause him to pull up and miss some opportunities. Aggressive gap-shooting can cause him to overpursue to commit prematurely. Needs to do a better job of staying square and preventing opponents from getting to his shoulder and driving him off the line. Appears to have enough power to threaten to collapse the pocket, but typically tries to shoot gaps with his initial quickness. Gets his hands up to contest passing lanes, although he only batted four passes over the course of his career. Pass-rush production fell off as a senior despite weighing ten pounds more during his junior year; sometimes, it seemed like opposing linemen found it too easy to push him past the passer. Reportedly has good character, but was arrested and suspended in 2016 after being caught with marijuana. A very highly-regarded recruit with an interesting combination of size, length, quickness, and hand-use, but who really only produced at a high level for one year in college and who will have to undergo thorough medical evaluations at the Combine in order to investigate the structural integrity of both of his knees. Consequently, runs the risk of being lost in what is considered a particularly deep defensive tackle class.

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