DT Trysten Hill, Central Florida*

6’3” – 308 lbs. – 5.04
Has been a defensive line starter since his first season with the Knights, starting all thirteen games in 2016 and posting 15-5.0-1.0. Started along the line again the following year and went 20-4.5-2.0. Was only a one-game starter as a junior but enjoyed his best season, going 36-10.5-3.0 before declaring for the draft. Big defensive lineman with solid length (just under 33.5”) and 10.25” hands; may be a little shorter than teams like if considered as a five-technique. Often lined up right over the center as a zero-technique, but would play in the A-gap as well; plays on the end when the team goes into an odd defensive front. Physical, high-motor player who provided energy and disruptiveness in the defensive line rotation. Explodes out of the stance with good leverage and is capable of overpowering opposing offensive line and barreling into the backfield on slants, blowing up rushing attempts before they start. Does a good job of anticipating snap counts and getting quick penetration. Too aggressive to be considered a read-and-react player, but gets good extension with his arms and has strong, heavy hands to stack and shed. Good lower-body strength to dig in at the line of scrimmage. Has sound instincts to flow toward the play direction and is a pretty good athlete when scraping down the line to defend off-tackle runs; can sometimes lose track of the ballcarrier, however. Would like to see a little bit more discipline in his run fits; some tendency to overpursue. Offers a good combination of power and activity as a pass-rusher, although he has just six career sacks. Creative with good technique in his hands. In addition to his bull-rush, rip, and swipe moves, also flashes a violent spin move with clear potential and was also asked to run twists and try to find outside rushing lanes. Was able to draw some additional attention on passing downs, creating opportunities for others. Chases quarterbacks who flee the pocket but may not be quite fast enough to finish his rushes with sacks. Considered to potentially have some maturity/coachability concerns. Has just one year of high-level production under his belt but looks like a real handful who combines snap-count anticipation, an explosive first step, a varied approach, and most importantly plenty of power. Currently looks like he might not come off the board until the mid-rounds, but has the potential to outperform that. Sleeper.

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