OG Chris Lindstrom, Boston College

6’4” – 308 lbs. – 4.91

Started the final nine of twelve games played as a freshman, and served as the first-term right guard for two of the following three years, starting at right tackle for most of his junior year but spending his sophomore and senior campaigns at right guard. Has a solid combination of height and bulk for a pro lineman, with impressive arm length (measured just over 34” at the Combine); carries his weight well, although his body shape is much more commensurate with the guard position than the tackle position. Effective run-blocker who can execute a variety of different assignments and plays with good technique. Fires out low, gets his hands high and inside, and displays a strong grip, rarely falling off of opponents once he’s locked on. Capable of blocking on angles and pushing interior defenders toward the middle of the formation. Has a powerful shove to knock opponents off-balance when blocking in space. Pretty good leg drive once engaged, although he’s more workmanlike than nasty; not a true road-grader in a phone booth, but able to consistently get the job done. Has above-average movement skills and a good work rate to get out in space and engage defenders; wasn’t asked to pull that often, but flashes the ability to climb up to the second level. Knee-bender who plays with a wide base; demonstrates good balance, keeping his head up and avoiding leaning or bending at the waist. Gets his arms extended, looks accurate when placing his hands, and exhibits the lateral quickness to mirror opposing defensive tackles. Can chip an opponent and recover to block another. Demonstrates a sound anchor against power; looked comfortable absorbing bull-rushes from even Clemson’s highly-regarded tackle duo. Keeps his head on a swivel when no one lines up opposite him; good alertness to identify his assignment and execute. Capable of working his way out into space to lead the way on screens; can be seen making his way deep downfield to seek out targets. A competitive, consistent offensive guard with four years of starting experience, above-average power and athleticism, and plus mental tools, he looks likely to be one of the first interior linemen off the board, potentially as high as the second round. Should be able to work his way into the starting lineup early in his career. Scheme-versatile with a high floor.

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