DB Sheldrick Redwine, Miami (FL)

6’0” – 196 lbs. – 4.44
Was a cornerback in high school, then appeared in a reserve/special teams capacity the following season. Started five of twelve games played the following year, picking up 28 tackles, then took over a full-time starting job as a junior, recording 59 tackles and two interceptions. Added another 64 tackles and three interceptions as a senior. Has a solid frame for a pro safety, with adequate size and length. Tended to take snaps well off the line of scrimmage, playing frequently as a robber in shorter zones. Would also shade over opposing receivers in the slot. Doesn’t have quite as much experience backpedaling, and can occasionally look a little bit flat-footed when playing as a robber, although he has quick feet once he gets going. Would like to see him get a little bit more depth in his drops to keep the play in front of him more consistently; can also struggle to place his hands in off-man, causing him to give up favorable position. Gets too aggressive in coverage rather than making sure to keep the play in front of him. However, when he’s got a receiver in front of him, looks to have pretty good timing and the plant-and-drive skills to break up throws with well-timed hits. A fast player, but who doesn’t quite have the smoothest movement skills. Didn’t take as many snaps in single-high or cover-two looks during the games reviewed. Has temperament of a strong safety; first instinct is to come up and support the run. Takes pretty good angles in pursuit and uses effective hit-and-wrap technique to bring down ballcarriers. Gets extension with his arms and can play off of blocks from opposing receivers to work his way to the ball with active hands. Would occasionally drop down to the edge and demonstrates good burst and bend as a run blitzer. Started for two and a half years at Miami, but still doesn’t have the best feel for coverage, with his aggressiveness allowing opposing receivers to create throwing windows for their quarterback. Looks more comfortable when he’s closer to the line of scrimmage, helping to defend the run as a box safety, a role which allows him to use his physicality and wrap technique to make an impact on the game. May need to begin his career on special teams while he either refines his game for a free-safety role or bulks up to play strong safety.

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