LB D’Andre Walker, Georgia

6’3” – 251 lbs. – N/A
Appeared in thirteen games in each of his first two seasons with the Bulldogs, albeit in a limited capacity. Became a major contributor the following year and ended up posting 39-13.5-5.5 and 45-11.0-7.5 over the past two seasons, including five forced fumbles over that span. Pretty well-built edge defender who usually lines up in a two-point stance in the Bulldogs’ odd base defense. Gritty player with good functional strength for his size; arm length measurements will be interesting. Gets good extension with his arms and can set the edge on the outside. Good discipline and overall positioning in his run fits. Comes from a program which regularly uses two-gap principles and is comfortable taking on blocks. Plays low and can dig in against power. Able to locate the ball and make tackles while engaged. Good but not great athlete; not such an explosive mover that he regularly blows by opposing linemen and bends back to the passer. Rushing from the edge in a two- or three-point stance, is more of a straightforward bull-rusher; would like to see a little bit more imagination in his approach. Flashes the ability to convert speed to power and work in a swim move from time to time. Solid ability to close and finish when he’s able to find a lane to the quarterback; Georgia often tried to scheme him open on stunts and twists. Usually plays with a good motor but he can be seen idling when the play direction goes the other way. Occasional balance issues; can be a little bit of a waist-bender. Doesn’t take many snaps as an off-the line linebacker, but has some experience covering opposing running backs releasing out of the backfield on passing routes, and flashes the speed to carry them downfield. During the games reviewed, wasn’t really asked to shade over opposing slot receivers or work in man coverage against opposing tight ends. Almost exclusively a downhill player who wasn’t asked to make deep drops. Edge players with his size tend to be more athletic types, but differs from them in being somewhat of a throwback player whose athleticism leaves a little bit to be desired but who plays with the strength and physicality needed to set the edge in the run game and function in a two-gap defensive front. Those traits may distinguish him from some of the other players in this year’s class.

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