LB Tre Lamar, Clemson*

6’3” – 253 lbs. – N/A
Appeared in fifteen games as a freshman (17-3.0-1.0), then started eight of ten the following year (50-5.0-4.0). Spent this past season as a full-time starter, recording 79-5.5-3.0 before declaring for the draft. Conventionally-built middle linebacker with good bulk and length for the inside; played behind a four-man defensive line in college but it’s easy to imagine him lining up as an inside linebacker in an odd defensive front as well. Smart, physical run defender who looks comfortable working his way through trash between the tackles. Reads keys and plays with discipline; knows his assignment and doesn’t get caught out of position much. Absorbs contact well, has heavy hands to shed, and does a good job of keeping his shoulders square and flowing toward the ball, although he could be more consistent about extending his arms to keep blockers out of his pads. Hit-and-wrap tackler with a wide radius and good burst to close. Not purely a thumper: also has impressive athletic ability for his size, offering sideline-to-sideline range and a strong motor in pursuit. Has a conservative, “safe” approach which limits the amount of plays he blows up in the backfield relative to more aggressive, high-risk/high-reward prospects. Stayed on the field on coverage downs and although he’s not the lightest on his feet or the most fluid, nevertheless does a good job of keeping targets in front of him when playing zone. Effective plant-and-drive to close and limit yards after the catch. Wasn’t really asked to work in man coverage much but looks like he can cover backs and tight ends releasing into the flats. Occasionally shades over a receiver or tight end in the slot and appears to have pretty sound balance and fundamentals in limited backpedaling. Picked up seven sacks over the past two seasons as an A-gap blitzer; gets up to speed pretty quickly and did a good job of anticipating the snap count during the games reviewed. Despite deciding to forego his senior season, is a polished linebacker who comes with pro-ready size and strength, who does a good job of diagnosing plays and flowing toward the ball, and who can contribute in the passing game, either in zone coverage or as a blitzer, traits which should allow him to work his way into a defensive rotation sooner rather than later. Doesn’t make as many splash plays as some of the other top prospects but takes care of business pretty consistently, offering peace-of-mind. Could slip out of the second day after timing barely faster than five seconds in the forty-yard dash at his pro day.

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