OC Elgton Jenkins, Mississippi St.

6’5” – 310 lbs. – N/A
Very well-built interior lineman with an excellent combination of height and bulk, to go along with big 10.25” hands and 34” arms. Redshirted, then started a combination of eight games played over his first two seasons on the active roster, five coming at left tackle, two coming at left guard, and one coming at right tackle. Took over as the team’s starting center in 2017 and started all twenty-six games there to conclude his career, giving him a total of thirty-four starts between four different positions on the line. Plus run blocker who combines bulk, grip strength, and lower-body strength. Very good competitor who works hard to stick with opponents through the whistle and consistently sustains his blocks for the entire snap. Consistently eliminates opponents when given one-on-one assignments in a phone booth. Once he locks onto an opponent, it’s over. However, tends to play with a high pad level; more likely to get a grip and sustain than to fire out low, get his knees bent, and drive opponents off the line of scrimmage. Also a little bit more limited with regard to range but gives good effort to get into the way and disrupt opponents long enough to create rushing lanes; wasn’t asked to pull or climb very often with the Bulldogs. Effective pass-protector who allowed just one sack as the team’s starting center over the past two seasons. Does an excellent job of absorbing power and stonewalling opponents at the line of scrimmage; great anchor. Has a strong grip and places his hands high, but lets them find their way outside too often and could be prone to holding penalties at the next level. More of a grabber than a puncher. Tends to coast on his natural power, playing straight-legged and high-hipped; would like to see him get into his seat and improve his overall leverage. Got the job done at the highest level in college football, and comes with pro-ready size and strength which could allow him to work his way into a starting lineup fairly early in his career. However, will need to develop his technique further in order for his success to translate over; specifically, needs to do a better job of keeping his hands inside and playing with bend and leverage. A pretty high-floor prospect who also offers a high ceiling depending on whether he can integrate those elements into his game. Likely to be a second-day pick.

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