OC Erik McCoy, Texas A&M*

6’4” – 303 lbs. – 4.89
Redshirted, then spent the past three seasons starting at center for the Aggies, two games at guard in his redshirt sophomore season notwithstanding. Team captain who decided to declare for the draft with a total of forty starts under his belt. Has pretty good size/bulk for a pro center, with relatively long arms which measured 33” at the Combine; has a thick frame which looks just about maxed out. Exhibits a physical, workmanlike approach to the game, giving good effort through the whistle. Effective if not overpowering run blocker with a good combination of strength and athleticism. Fires out low, gets his hands placed accurately high and inside, and keeps his legs churning through the whistle to generate movement. Pretty strong grip strength to sustain. Good short-area quickness when blocking in zones; has the ability to set up and engage opponents on the move, or chip one defender and climb up to secure a block on another. Was frequently asked to pull and lead the way on outside rushing attempts. Has enough power to jolt second-level defenders in space. Not the most dominant phone-booth blocker; more of a grinder than someone who will blow opponents off the line of scrimmage. Would like to see him be more consistent about keeping his head up into contact. Keeps his head on a swivel in pass protection, bends at the knees, and gets his arms extended. Demonstrates the lateral quickness to mirror once engaged. Uses his hands effectively to stick with opponents on counters/spins. Has some power in his shove when helping. Good athleticism and work rate to get in space and upfield to lead the way in the screen game, even if he can sometimes struggle to frame and hit moving targets. Consistent player but is able to recover and shove opponents wide of the mark when needed. May not have overwhelming power in one-on-one situations, but checks pretty much all the boxes teams look for in an offensive lineman: smart, physical, hardworking, and athletic, having demonstrated his leadership qualities and durability at the college level. Those traits are likely to earn him a selection on the draft’s second day as a relatively safe pick who could step into a starting lineup early in his career, preferably in a zone scheme which takes advantage of his ability to get out in space.

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