OC Michael Jordan, Ohio St.*

6’6” – 312 lbs. – 5.27
Has been starting at Ohio State since his true freshman season, a rarity in the Buckeyes program. Began his career as a guard and only transitioned to center as a junior; declared for the draft at the end of the season. Very tall, well-built interior lineman whose arms measured a whopping 34.25” at the Combine, to go along with 10” hands. Powerful run blocker in Urban Meyer’s power spread, exhibiting a workmanlike approach to the game; can be more of a wall-off blocker than someone who treats opponents like blocking sleds, but is effective on a snap-to-snap basis. Has some trouble getting low but makes an effort to win the leverage battle and has enough strength to compensate. Does a good job of getting his arms extended and keeping defenders out of his pads. Generates good power into contact and can overwhelm smaller defenders and finish snaps with pancakes. Even when he doesn’t maul opponents, is still difficult to get around because of his overall size/bulk. Despite being a bigger lineman, has the short-area quickness to get up to the second level and successfully frame linebackers, or chip one opponent and get up to block an opposing linebacker; demonstrates a good work rate on such snaps. Was occasionally able to pull to the right side and secure blocks in the hole. Can sometimes slip off of opponents as they counter. Does a good job of protecting the quarterback despite just average lateral quickness. Able to bend at the knees, get his arms extended, and hold his ground against power with ease given his overall size and strength. Keeps his head on a swivel, seeking out targets and providing help for teammates when possible; has a pretty powerful shove to knock defenders off-balance. Was asked to execute some pretty difficult assignments, pulling or climbing to secure blocks in space; does a good job of lining up opponents. A physically-gifted interior lineman with three years of starting experience for a major program and the versatility to play either guard or center, he looks likely to be a sought-after commodity on draft day, offering a combination of size, length, and power which should convince teams that he’s a potential starter, despite lateral quickness which is just adequate. Probably made the right choice in declaring and looks like a solid candidate to come off the board on the second day.

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