OC Ross Pierschbacher, Alabama

6’4” – 307 lbs. – 5.20
Redshirted, then started fifty-seven games over the past four seasons, missing three contests in his junior season with a high-ankle sprain. Spent the first three seasons at left guard before moving to center this past year. Has solid size, having measured in at just under 6’4” with big 10” hands; arm length is a little shorter than ideal at just over 32”. Consistent, workmanlike blocker who looked assignment-sound during the games reviewed. Comes out of his stance pretty low, does a good job of placing his hands and extending his arms, and keeps his legs churning after contact to fight through the whistle. Understands positioning, playing himself between the defender and the ballcarrier and using his hands well to stay locked on; does a good job of sustaining his blocks. Not a great athlete, but his short-area quickness is good enough to secure blocks on angles or climb up to the second level. However, isn’t the most explosive or powerful player; more competitive than he is overpowering and doesn’t generate a ton of push unless he’s working on a double-team block with another player. Managed just twenty reps on the bench and a very poor 22.5” vertical. Plays with the type of alertness and technique that you’d expect from a prospect with nearly sixty SEC starts under his belt. In pass protection, does a good job of bending at the knees, keeping his head up and his back straight, identifying his assignment, and extending his arms to get what separation he can from opponents. Keeps his hands high and inside. Possesses a solid anchor to handle power. Able to get out in space and lead the way on screen passes, although he doesn’t always successfully initiate contact. Doesn’t have a ton of pop in his hands to jolt defenders with his initial punch. Lateral quickness is nothing special. Currently expected to come off the board in the mid-rounds because of his extensive starting experience for one of college football’s premier programs, he has the temperament, technique, and smarts to potentially work his way into a starting lineup, although his lack of ideal length, power, and athleticism may cause a handful of other interior linemen to come off the board ahead of him. Extensive experience at both guard and center will help his cause, allowing him to appeal to teams as an inside swing reserve with a relatively high floor.

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