OG Beau Benzschawel, Wisconsin

6’6” – 309 lbs. – 5.24
Redshirted, then started all of the eight games he appeared in the following year, six at right tackle and two at right guard. Subsequently spent the following three seasons as the team’s starting right guard, totaling forty-one starts there from 2016-2018. Tall, well-built guard with relatively long arms measuring nearly 33.5”. Demonstrated the mobility to play in Wisconsin’s zone schemes, using his length to reach opponents. Plays with good competitiveness and demonstrates the athletic ability to reach opponents when blocking on angles or pulling to the other side of the formation, despite sometimes getting caught up in congestion. Works hard to engage opponents in space and exhibits good short-area quickness to get out to the second level and wall off linebackers but has a tendency to fall off of some blocks by lowering his head or overextending; when he does successfully frame a defender, can generate pop on contact. Gets his arms extended and keeps his legs moving after contact, but isn’t much of a mauler in a phone booth; looks like that’s due to a combination of his height and his lack of functional strength. Grip strength is just average, but flashes the ability to get his hands inside and turn defenders out of the hole. Demonstrates the ability to block down on an opponent’s shoulder and generate some push. Pass sets look good; bends at the knees, keeps his head on a swivel, and demonstrates solid lateral quickness to mirror and protect the gaps to either side of himself. Has accurate hand placement and good extension with his arms. Seems to have more trouble with power than with quickness; can struggle to absorb contact and end up dropping a late anchor. Was frequently asked to climb to the second level or get out in front of screens and does a nice job of working his way toward opposing linebackers. A four-year starter from an illustrious program, he offers impressive size, good competitiveness, and the athletic ability to engage defenders in space when pulling or leading the way on screens, but his power isn’t where you’d expect for someone with his build; struggles to generate a ton of push in the run game and can be overpowered on initial contact when working in pass protection. Still, looks like a potential starter with a relatively high floor, and that could earn him consideration as high as the second day.

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