OG Ben Powers, Oklahoma

6’4” – 307 lbs. – N/A
Originally attended junior college, spending two seasons there before transferring to Oklahoma. Stepped into the starting lineup in his first season with the Sooners, totaling ten starts, then concluded his collegiate career with another twenty-six starts over the two subsequent seasons. Has solid size for a pro guard, with long arms measuring 33.75” and hands which came in at just under 10”. Pretty powerful run blocker who fires out low, gets his arms extended, and can generate some pop on contact. Keeps his legs churning to generate push. Not an elite athlete by any means, but has enough short-area quickness to climb to the second level or pull to the right side of the formation, both assignments he was regularly asked to execute. Able to chip one opponent and get up to the second level to engage another defender. Does a good job of hitting moving targets, keeping his head up into contact. Consequently, should be able to play in either a zone or man blocking scheme at the next level. Has a strong grip to lock on and turn defenders out of the hole. Plays with physicality and toughness through the whistle. Managed just twenty-one reps on the bench in Indianapolis, but that may have a lot to do with his long arms. Not the most laterally-quick pass-protector, but pass sets themselves look pretty good, bending at the knees and keeping his back straight before contact. Alert player who keeps his head on a swivel to identify targets. Delivers a good punch in pass protection; capable of knocking opponents off-balance. Good placement to hit opponents high and inside with his arms extended. Some balance issues can crop up when dealing with explosive penetrators, causing him to fall off of blocks or relegating him to trying to push opponents past the pocket. Looks more comfortable when he’s using his anchor to hold the point of attack against power rushers. Playing on an offensive line full of pro prospects, still managed to stand out with his toughness, ability to secure blocks in space, and the amount of power he has in his hands. In a draft class which features plenty of interior offensive line talent, could end up slipping into the mid-rounds, but there’s enough to like about his game to consider him as a potential starter at the pro level.

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