OG Connor McGovern, Penn St.*

6’5” – 308 lbs. – N/A
Started nine of thirteen games as a true freshman, then all thirteen at center the following year. Slid over to right guard the following year, starting just one game at center versus twelve at right guard. Decided to forego his senior season to declare for the draft. Has a good frame for a pro guard, with solid height and bulk and long arms which measured over 34” at the Combine; sort of a stout build. Above-average run blocker with pretty consistent snap-to-snap results. Fires out of his stance low and tends to start interactions with a leverage advantage. Has a strong grip to sustain blocks through the whistle, with a competitive demeanor; flashes the ability to twist defenders to the ground and finish snaps with pancakes. Aggressive finisher when he gets the opportunity. Gets his arms extended and keeps his legs churning after contact, although he’s more physical than likely to maul opponents in a phone-booth. Does a good job of blocking down and creating lanes by attacking the outside shoulder. Was asked to get out into space a little bit but isn’t the most athletic player; can make it a few yards away from his starting spot and successfully engage opponents, but didn’t execute many extended pulls. Can sometimes get too aggressive and end up overextending despite his impressive length. Looks technically-sound and comfortable in pass protection; bends at the knees, gets his arms extended, places his hands high, and generally looks capable of stonewalling bull-rushers at the line of scrimmage, although his anchor can drop late at times. Can knock defenders off-balance with his shoves when providing help, but would like to see him deliver more punches instead of ceding the initiative and absorbing an opponent’s power. Has enough short-area quickness to chip one opponent and slide back to pick up a blitzer; pretty good awareness. Did a good job of protecting the gaps to either side of him during the games reviewed. Reportedly struggled down the stretch last season but decided to declare anyway. That looks like a good idea, given that he already offers pro-ready size and strength, with the physicality, competitiveness, and consistency to develop into a starting blocker on the interior of a pro offensive line, whether at guard or center. Might fit better in a man/power blocking scheme. Generally considered on the borderline between the second and third day, but grades out as one of the better guards in the class.

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