OG Nate Herbig, Stanford

6’4” – 335 lbs. – 5.41
Started six of thirteen games played as a freshman, all at left guard, then appeared in all thirteen games the following year. Started seven games in an injury-plagued junior year, six at right guard and one at right tackle, then decided to declare for the draft. Elephantine interior lineman with outstanding bulk for the position, but arms which are a little bit on the underwhelming side at just under 32.5” in length. Good athlete for someone with his size. Was asked to do a lot of blocking on angles and in space at Stanford; demonstrates a good work rate to get out in space and seek out opponents, although he struggles to frame and hit moving targets. More comfortable in a phone booth, getting his arms extended and keeping his feet churning after contact to generate push. Does a good job of sticking with his opponents through the snap, with big hands which measured over 10” in Indianapolis. Has a more hard-working than nasty/aggressive on-field temperament. Pass sets look pretty good, bending at the knees and keeping his back straight. Relatively light on his feet for a player of his size and managed to get depth to protect the edge when needed outside. Has plenty of lower-body strength to anchor against power at the line of scrimmage, but he can drop that anchor a bit late at times and get walked back further than a player with his size should. Does a pretty good job of getting extension and placing his hands high and inside to control interactions, although he can lapse into catching opponents instead of delivering punches. Sheer mass makes him a difficult player to get around in a phone booth, although some balance issues crop up occasionally when dealing with quicker opponents. Has some trouble lining up opponents in space but was asked to get out in front of screens. There’s definitely enough that’s intriguing about his combination of size and athleticism to draw attention during the draft, particularly given that he’s played both guard positions and the right tackle spot; however, it may be difficult for him to wind up coming off the board earlier than the mid rounds due to the fact that he never put together a full season in the starting lineup, has below-average height and length for a tackle, and dealt with some injuries last year.

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