OT Andre James, UCLA*

6’4” – 299 lbs. – 5.32
Four-star recruit who redshirted in his first year, then started the last seven games of the following year after Kolton Miller got injured. Took over as a full-time starter at the position in 2017, then flipped over to the left side this past year before declaring for the draft. On the small side for a pro tackle, and could be viewed as a guard conversion if he comes in any smaller than his listed height. Has a good level of tenacity in the run game, working hard to sustain through the whistle. A good athlete who can get out in space and secure blocks when leading the way on outside rushing attempts; does a good job of lining up opponents in the open field. Able to climb up to the second level, lock on to a defender, and turn them out of the hole. Not really a physically dominant lineman but actually has a powerful shove and plays with a killer instinct when in position to finish opponents. Doesn’t generate a lot of push in a phone-booth; more of a wall-off blocker, although he keeps his feet churning and does a good job of resetting his hands to stick with opponents. Lack of length can cause him to fall off of opponents or bend at the waist in order to engage. Despite being light on his feet and capable of bending at the knees, has some struggles as a pass protector. Looks best when he’s able to block down on an outside shoulder, but can also use his lateral quickness to get depth with his kickslide and protect the edge. Able to slide his feet and protect against inside moves. However, lack of lower-body strength is pretty clear; can struggle to absorb bull-rushes from opposing defensive ends, getting knocked off-balance or walked back into the pocket. Will occasionally drop his hands, lengthening the amount of time it takes him to deliver a punch. Combination of below-average length and aggression lead to waist-bending. Would like to see him be more active about locating opponents to block when no one lines up on his outside shoulder. Overall, too many ugly-looking snaps. A prospect who needs to play with better balance in pass protection and who may lack the length to protect the edge, but who has the athleticism to succeed as a zone-blocking guard, a role which would take advantage of his ability to secure blocks in space. Mid-to-late-round pick.

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