OT Bobby Evans, Oklahoma*

6’4” – 312 lbs. – 5.20
Has been starting at Oklahoma since his redshirt freshman season; began his career as a right tackle, starting a total of twenty-six games there between 2016-2017, then replacing Orlando Brown Jr. on the blindside this past year for fourteen games. Subsequently decided to declare for the draft with a total of forty starts under his belt. A little bit shorter than your typical offensive tackle, which has caused some to speculate that he may be a guard conversion candidate; however, has very long arms which measured 34.75” in Indianapolis. A pretty good run blocker who flashes the ability to fire out low, engage opponents with his arms extended, and keep his legs churning after contact to generate push. Able to push defensive tackles toward the center of the field by attacking the outside shoulder. Gives good effort to stick with opponents when blocking on angles and can often sustain to the whistle. Was asked to execute some pulls to the right side of the formation/climb to the second level and has enough raw athleticism to get blocks in space. Tough and competitive; will take advantage of opportunities to finish his snaps with pancakes. Leaves something to be desired in pass protection. On the bright side, has a strong anchor to handle power, gets good extension with his arms, and places his hands effectively to control opponents when he’s able to frame them. Footwork looks good if he doesn’t need to travel far. Despite his length, though, struggles to get enough depth to protect the edge against speed, causing him to abandon his technique and attempt to shove opponents wide of the pocket. Doesn’t have great lateral quickness to mirror once he’s engaged, causing him to fall off of some attempts. Base is too narrow. Could be more aware when it comes to processing defensive fronts and recognizing his assignments. Played tackle in college and has the length to potentially line up there at the next level, but his pass protection at this point suggests he would probably be better off sliding inside, a move which would allow him to take advantage of his power while masking his struggles to get depth and mirror when handling speed on the outside. Given that he’ll likely be converting to a position he hasn’t played in college, there’s a chance he could end up slipping into the third day, but has good enough tools that he should be off the board by the mid-rounds.

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