OT Cody Ford, Oklahoma

6’4” – 329 lbs. – 5.21
Started three games at left guard as a redshirt freshman but sustained a broken fibula against Ohio State. Started four of twelve games played the following year, all at left guard, then slid over to right tackle and started fourteen games there as a junior before declaring for the draft. Massive offensive lineman with long 34” arms, although at just under 6’4” he might be asked to slide back inside at the next level. Was a reliable pass-protector in college, even at tackle. Doesn’t have the most explosive kickslide; looks a little bit heavy-legged, although his pure size still makes him difficult to get around, and looked good protecting the edge even at tackle at the college level. Able to bend at the knees, play with a wide base, and anchor easily against bull-rushers. Has the power to knock opponents off-balance with his punch, as well as a strong grip to lock on, although his hands can find their way outside a little bit too often. Would sometimes coast on his bulk/lower-body strength, letting defenders into his body. Offers impressive balance, rarely overextends or bends at the waist, in part because his length allows him to reach opponents without doing so. More susceptible to inside-moves than speed. Plus run blocker. An above-average athlete for his size, was often asked to block on angles, pull to the other side of the formation, lead the way on screens, or get to the second level and engage linebackers. Demonstrates a good work rate to play through the whistle and although he can often get caught up in congestion, flashes the ability to engage in space or use his mass to obstruct paths to the ballcarrier. Has enough short-area quickness to help on a defensive lineman and still get a chip on a second-level opponent; gets set up quickly and can seal defenders inside with his down-blocks. Could play with a little bit more leverage and nastiness; often looks like more of a reliable wall-off blocker than a mauler, although he does flash the ability to keep his legs churning and finish opponents. Managed just nineteen reps on the bench at the Combine, although it’s common for prospects with longer arms to post average numbers. Not quite the devastating phone-booth blocker his size would suggest, and is a little bit shorter than your typical offensive tackle, but has the short-area quickness, work rate, length, bulk, and anchor to develop into a quality starter at the pro level, potentially at guard. Considered pretty likely to go in the first round.

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