OT David Edwards, Wisconsin*

6’6” – 308 lbs. – 5.28
Redshirted, then started seven of thirteen games played at right tackle in 2016. Started all fourteen games at the position the following year, then the first ten games of his junior season before sustaining an injury. Decided to forego his senior season to declare for the draft. Tall offensive tackle with solid length (arms measured just under 33.5”) and bulk. Made some solid contributions in the run game, with a workmanlike approach. Despite average athleticism overall, flashes the short-area quickness to position himself and wall off defenders. Can collapse the edge when blocking down on the outside shoulder. Capable of climbing up to the second level and engaging linebackers; good effort to try and get blocks in space. Does a solid job of lining up opponents; can usually disrupt their pursuit if not frame them. Avoids waist-bending and flashes the ability to extend his arms, lock on, get his legs going, and generate push, although once engaged he can sometimes play a little bit high-hipped and heavy-legged. Has above-average grip strength overall but also a tendency to fall off of some blocks because of his lack of lateral quickness. More of a mixed bag in pass protection. Has pretty accurate hand-placement, getting good extension with his arms, although he is more of a shover than someone with an explosive punch. Able to bend at the knees, but he tends to have to abandon his technique with distance in order to handle speed; too many snaps in which he’s trying to catch up and push faster defenders past the pocket, some of which can be traced back to poor footwork. Handles power much better than speed, although he can let opponents into his body and end up dropping a late anchor at times. Could be more alert when no one lines up directly opposite him; some snaps in which he’s idling around the line of scrimmage instead of keeping his head on a swivel and trying to get involved. A thirty-one game starter for a program with a good reputation for producing pro lineman, he combines solid size with a good work rate and versatility in the run game, traits which have led him to be regarded by many as a likely second-day pick. However, that may be a little bit rich considering his tendency to struggle against speed in pass protection and the struggles he had in 2018 relative to his sophomore season; may have benefited from returning to school and trying to get things back on track.

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