OT Dennis Daley, South Carolina

6’5” – 317 lbs. – 5.23
Originally attended Georgia Military College, where he spent two seasons before transferring to the Gamecocks. Earned the starting role at left tackle almost immediately and started there for each of the past two seasons. Big left tackle who carries his weight well and should meet teams’ size requirements on the outside. Could play with a better pad level in the run game but is still a pretty effective run blocker because of his strength/physical tools. Fires out with some explosiveness, gets his arms extended, and plays with a tough temperament and a good motor through the whistle. Has a pretty strong grip and is able to latch on and turn defenders out of the hole, then seal them inside. Very effective down blocking on the outside shoulder. Flashes the ability to get his legs churning and drive defenders back at times, but legs can sometimes go dead on contact. Needs to be more consistent about keeping his hands high and especially inside. Will occasionally overextend or lower his head, causing him to slip off of blocks or end up on the ground. Looks better in a phone booth than he does in space; when blocking on angles, relies more on his size to obstruct than on squaring up opponents and engaging them with technique. A mixed bag in pass protection, with a lot of inconsistency from play to play. Kickslide looks awkward and robotic but has some knee-bend and is able to use his size/length to protect the edge against speed. Plays with a wide base and a straight back. Gets pretty good extension with his arms and is proactive about engaging opponents. Able to drop his anchor and handle power rushers. However, seems to struggle to process what’s going on at times, with opposing rushers being able to set him up and make him look silly; too susceptible to lowering his head as opponents blow by him, and to falling off of blocks when defenders use counters. Doesn’t make it look pretty, but actually managed to play left tackle pretty well in college football’s most physical, competitive conference. Combines size, length, and toughness to win in phone booths on rushing downs, and there are flashes of what he could eventually develop into as a pass protector. Will probably have to slide over to the right side at the next level but should be able to find a spot on the third day of the draft.

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