OT Greg Little, Mississippi*

6’5” – 310 lbs. – 5.33
A five-star recruit who was the top offensive line prospect in the country, he started five games at left tackle during his freshman season, then became the team’s full-time left tackle as a sophomore, a role he reprised as a junior before declaring for the draft. Elephantine prospect with an excellent combination of size, bulk, and length for a pro tackle. Two-plus-year starter with a workmanlike approach to the game. Technique on passing downs looks pretty sound. Has the ability to bend at the knees, keep his back straight, and leverage his size/length to get into his pass sets and protect the edge; simply too big for most pass-rushers to get around, allowing him to provide consistent protection on the edge. Pretty impressive lateral quickness to mirror against speed and ride opponents wide. Anchors easily against power and eliminates opponents with his grip strength. Keeps his head on a swivel to locate opponents. Generally pretty accurate with his punch but there’s not a lot of violence to it; could also improve his hand placement overall (needs to keep inside more consistently). Plays in a power gap scheme. Run blocking is predicated upon his size and grip strength; a massive obstacle who can lock on, turn defenders out of the hole, and seal them off from the play direction. Despite being a bigger tackle, was often asked to block on angles, pull, or make second-level blocks in Mississippi’s offense. An above-average athlete for his size over a short area, although stamina can be an issue as the play goes on. Able to seal the edge in the run game and climb up to engage second-level defenders; does a good job of getting in space, squaring up defenders, and creating disruption. Can get stuck in congestion when pulling to the right. Would like to see more leg drive to generate push instead of walling opponents off. Falls off of a few too many blocks when dealing with sudden opponents. Often satisfied to seal opponents; doesn’t display much of a killer instinct to drive opponents into the dirt and finish them off. A prospect whose combination of rare size, impressive pass sets, and surprising quickness allowed him to provide pretty consistent play at the left tackle position in college football’s top conference, and who could potentially continue to protect the blindside at the next level, he will likely come off the board in the first round as one of the top offensive linemen in this year’s class.

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