OT Jawaan Taylor, Florida*

6’5” – 312 lbs. – N/A
Has been starting as the team’s right tackle since his true freshman season, totaling thirty-three starts there, in addition to making two starts at left tackle to conclude his sophomore campaign. Decided to forego his senior season to enter the draft. Big, very thickly-built lineman with solid weight distribution through the body. Physical, plus run blocker who plays hard through the whistle and who the team ran behind often; brings a nasty approach to the game and can dominate opponents. Fires out with some explosiveness and keeps his legs churning after contact to generate push. Works well on double-teams and can crash down on the outside shoulder of an opposing defensive lineman and seal them inside. Once he locks on, it’s over. Has a strong grip to sustain through the whistle; able to twist and sling players to the ground with his strong upper body. A pretty good athlete who can climb up to the second level and successfully engage linebackers in the run game. Eagerness to engage can sometimes cause his hands to slip outside. Uses quick, choppy feet, but pass sets overall could use some work. Would like to see him bend at the knees more often, and looks hunched over in his kickslide. Would like to see him use a more violent punch and improve his hand use; doesn’t fire his arms out high and inside, instead tending to keep them low and letting them slip outside too often. However, was still a very successful pass protector at the college level because of his size, strength, and the fact that he plays with a wide base and a strong anchor to hold the point against power; was too big for many defensive ends to go around and too strong for them to go through. Able to recover and steer opponents wide of the passer when caught out of position. Keeps his head on a swivel when no one lines up opposite him, actively seeking out opponents to block. Able to get out in space and lead the way in the screen game. One of the most intriguing offensive line prospects in this year’s class; plays with the type of aggressive temperament teams look for in the run game, and is able to overwhelm opponents with his size, power, and strong grip. Needs to improve his technique in pass protection, bending at the knees more consistently, keeping his back straight through his kickslide, and especially cleaning up his hand use, but has clear starting traits and is likely to come off the board in the first round.

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