OT Jonah Williams, Alabama*

6’5” – 302 lbs. – 5.12
Highly-regarded recruit who started at right tackle in his freshman campaign, then slid over to left tackle the following season to replace Cam Robinson, where he spent the past two years before deciding to enter the draft. Size and length are borderline for the tackle position, which has prompted some to hypothesize that he will need to kick inside to guard at the next level. However, looked good protecting the edge against the dangerous pass-rushers in his conference. Very smooth, technically-sound blocker who has the lateral quickness and the depth in his kickslide to protect the edge and mirror against speed; team often felt confident enough to leave him on islands against opposing pass-rushers, although it’s worth noting that with a left-handed quarterback, Alabama’s left tackle position wasn’t a blindside protector this past year. Pass sets look good in terms of knee bend and balance, with choppy feet. Doesn’t have a jarring punch to knock opponents off-balance but is usually accurate with his hand placement and appears to have a strong grip. Capable of dropping the anchor and protecting the integrity of the pocket against power. Handles inside moves well, although he can fall off of some blocks when the opponent gets deep and redirects back inside later. Takes advantage of opportunities to put his opponent in the dirt. More workmanlike than physical or aggressive in the run game; very consistent execution on his assignments. Was asked to handle a lot of assignments, including those which asked him to pull or climb. Fires out of his stance low and with some explosiveness. Understands positioning very well. Has enough short-area quickness to cross a defender and wall him off from the play direction. Looks comfortable chipping a defensive end and climbing up to the second level to smash a linebacker and create lanes for the runner. Gets low into contact and has good leg drive, even at the second level. Attacks the outside shoulder effectively when blocking on angles and can drive his opponent into the middle of the field by playing with leverage. Has a big enough body that he can occasionally get in the way of two opponents. An offensive tackle prospect who does a lot of things well, offering reliable pass-protection on the edge and generating impressive push in the run game, with the versatility to execute several assignments. Based on his measurements, however, some teams may project him inside to a position which would require more projection, and which would negatively affect his draft stock. Still looks like a pretty solid bet to be one of the first offensive linemen selected.

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