OT Kaleb McGary, Washington

6’7” – 317 lbs. – 5.05
Redshirted, then started six of twelve games played the following season, all at right tackle. Has been the team’s starter at the position ever since, spending the past three seasons there; finishes his career with forty-seven starts. Hulking offensive tackle with good bulk; however, arms measured under 33” at the Combine, ranking among the shortest of any of the top offensive tackle prospects. Good competitor in the run game. Works hard to engage and sustain through the whistle, with some nastiness as a finisher. Above-average strength to knock defenders off-balance with a shove to begin interactions. Has a strong grip to lock on and enough power to turn defenders out of the hole. Keeps his legs going after contact, although he doesn’t always get low enough to win the leverage battle and generate push. Not the smoothest athlete but has adequate straight-line speed and was asked to get out in space often, either pulling or climbing to the second level; does a good job of getting in the way if not always engaging. Pass sets need work, but he has decent lateral quickness to mirror once he’s engaged, as well as a solid anchor to absorb bull-rushers on the edge. Handles inside moves well. Tends to play high with a narrow base, and can occasionally let defenders control him by trying to compensate for his lack of length by leaning. Would like to see him get wider to better anchor against power. Lacks the length and recovery speed to get back into the play and salvage something when the defender gets a jump on the edge, and doesn’t always get enough width to square up. Has a very strong grip but doesn’t always keep his elbows inside and fire out high into the chest plate; a lot of grabbing the shoulder pads. When he does get his punch, flashes the ability to overpower and finish opponents. Has overcome a lot, having undergone three heart procedures early in his college career. A good competitor with power and nastiness, he can knock defenders off-balance on contact and generate push in the run game, and also successfully engages more opponents in space than his size would suggest. However, his lack of length and some issues in pass protection, mostly with regard to width and leverage, may cause him to slide into the third day of the draft, especially because he may be too tall to slide inside.

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