OT Martez Ivey, Florida

6’5” – 315 lbs. – N/A
Five-star recruit who started the last eight games of his freshman year at right guard, then held that position as a full-time starter the following year. Started nine games at left tackle and two and left guard as a junior, and then served as the team’s starting left tackle as a senior. Thickly-built tackle who looks bigger than his listed size. Team captain. Good competitor on run snaps, working to sustain through the whistle. Able to block on angles or in a phone booth, which may give him some schematic versatility in addition to his positional versatility. Can generate some push when down-blocking on the outside shoulder to seal defensive ends inside, with good leg drive after contact. Flashes the ability to lock on and turn defenders out of the hole; pretty good grip strength when he’s able to frame opponents. Not one of the most technically-sound tackles. Issues with balance crop up frequently, tending to bend at the waist, slip off of blocks, or even end up on the ground. Hand placement is iffy; tends to catch too many opponents, letting them into his frame and losing the leverage battle. Needs to do a better job of keeping his hands inside and on the chest plate, and of shooting them out aggressively to control interactions. Gets set up too easily by opponents. Inconsistent in his pass sets, although there are some tools to work with. Pretty light on his feet for a bigger tackle. Flashes the ability to get depth and absorb power, with a strong anchor. Not too susceptible to counters; snaps tend to go well if he can handle the initial move. Able to cover ground when needed on rollouts and other patterns. However, the balance and hand placement issues mentioned previously also crop up in his pass sets. Lacks a strong punch to jolt opponents. Technique suffers with distance. Has the physical and athletic tools teams look for in a developmental offensive lineman, as well as four years of starting experience between tackle and guard in college football’s premier conference. However, that experience calls into question how much more room for improvement there is in his game; looks raw even after that much time in a starting lineup. Consequently, might be relegated to the late rounds as a swing reserve who will need to overhaul almost every element of his game before he’s able to contribute.

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