OT Max Scharping, Northern Illinois

6’6” – 327 lbs. – N/A
Redshirted, then started all fourteen games the following season, most of them coming at right tackle with a few games at right guard. Split time at those two positions again the following year, starting every game, then took over as the team’s starting left tackle in 2017 and reprised that role this past year. Has an impressive combination of size and bulk for a pro offensive lineman, although his arms were a little bit shorter than you’d like for a tackle at just over 33.5”. Gets set up pretty quickly in the run game and gives good effort to sustain his blocks through the whistle. Competitive player who keeps his legs churning after contact and presents a pretty big obstacle for opponents. Capable of generating push, especially when he blocks down on the outside shoulder of an opponent lined up in an inside gap. Enough power in his hands to jolt smaller defenders on contact. Has enough short-area quickness to threaten defenders in space, although he can have some trouble hitting moving targets. Would like to see him be more consistent about getting his hands inside and locking on; falls off of too many blocks, especially the further he has to go from the ball. Was an effective pass-protector at the college level, but doesn’t always make it look pretty and will be adjusting to a big step up in the level of competition he’s facing. Can be little bit hunched in his pass sets; bends at the knees and has relatively quick feet, but would be well-served by keeping his back straighter. Nonetheless, big frame allows him to anchor successfully against power. Flashes the ability to use his punch effectively and has intriguing raw power, although he could be more consistent about being the aggressor. Can struggle to reset his hands when dealing with counters. Gets pretty good depth to defend against speed, but lacks ideal lateral quickness to mirror once engaged. Needs to abandon his technique at times to try and run speed rushers wide of the passer. Balance issues crop up; lets his base deteriorate when presented with speed. A big body who was able to provide reliable pass-protection and competed in the run game at the college level, but who might struggle to protect the edge against speed at the pro level and still needs to clean up his fundamentals a bit despite being a four-year starter. Probably more of a mid-round pick who may be asked to slide inside or at least to the right tackle spot.

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