OT Mitch Hyatt, Clemson

6’5” – 303 lbs. – N/A
Five-star recruit who has been starting since he arrived at Clemson, making him one of the most experienced players in this year’s draft class; first game at the school game as the team’s starting left tackle. Was slimmer at the Combine weigh-in than he looks on tape; height and length (arms just over 34”) are both adequate for a pro offensive tackle, with big hands measuring 10.25”. Has pretty light feet in pass protection, but often looks sloppy, struggling to keep a stable base and a straight back; form deteriorates as the distance he covers grows. Gives up leverage to opponents by bending at the waist or ducking his head and can be made to look silly by good technicians; gets set up too easily and too consistently. Balance issues carry over into his lower body. Lacks the short-area quickness to recover when caught out of position, forcing him to try and shove opponents wide of the pocket. Does, however, keep his hands high and flashes some strength in his punch. Drops an early anchor and can handle power more easily than speed. Was occasionally asked to get out in front of screens but isn’t the most athletic player in space. Pretty physical run blocker who works hard through the whistle. Gets good extension and keeps his legs churning after contact, flashing the ability to generate push by blocking down and moving defenders toward the center of the formation. Has enough power to twist defenders out of the hole when he’s able to frame and lock onto them. Flashes the ability to climb up to the second level and secure blocks on linebackers. Big-bodied player who can sometimes wall off defenders even if his positioning and technique are off the mark. Has the same balance issues he displays in the pass game – lowering his head, bending at the waist. Played left tackle in college, but his struggles to handle speed make it clear that he’ll be facing a position change upon arriving at the NFL level, something which could mask his glaring issues with balance. Might be better-served on the inside, which would limit the distance he’s expected to cover while allowing him to utilize his physicality and power in the run game. Looks like a mid-to-late-round developmental swing reserve, although his lack of polish after four years as a starter is concerning.

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