OT Paul Adams, Missouri

6’6” – 317 lbs. – 5.18
Redshirted, then appeared in three games the following season before taking over the right tackle position as a redshirt sophomore and starting there for the past three seasons, also having been named a team captain in two of those campaigns. A tall player who carries his weight well, but whose arms are a little shorter than his height would suggest. Smart, polished player. Doesn’t have great functional strength but is still a petty effective run blocker who understands positioning and knows how to help seal the edge with a down-block before climbing up to the second level to engage defenders. Has the short-area quickness to get set up and wall-off opponents. Works hard to sustain through the whistle. Overall upside is limited by his lack of functional strength. Plays high-hipped, struggling to get low and win the leverage battle. Keeps his feet churning after contact but creates very little push even against smaller defensive ends. Can struggle to line up opponents in space and lacks the lateral quickness to stick with them through the snap. Needs to get used to playing out of a three-point stance. Able to protect the edge pretty well in the passing game. Has smooth footwork and does a good job of keeping his back straight in his kickslide; sets themselves look good for the most part. Pretty active and accurate with his hands, although he doesn’t have great arm length or the type of power in his punch to knock opponents off-balance. However, has some issues with his base which can allow opponents to overpower him; usually gets too wide, but will also abandon his technique at times and play too narrow. Gets put on his heels by explosive speed off the edge. Able to be walked back by power, collapsing the pocket. Can get overextended and end up bending at the waist. Plays with his hands low, lengthening his punch. A player who combines intelligence, leadership, and SEC starting experience, but whose length, functional strength, and athleticism leave something to be desired, factors which limit his upside. Projects as more of a reserve tackle who may struggle to play on the left side and could play too high to slide inside to guard. Consequently, may end up being more of a late-round pick.

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