OT Tyree St. Louis, Miami (FL)

6’5” – 305 lbs. – N/A
Four-star recruit who played sparingly as a true freshman, then started the last eight games of the year at right tackle in 2016. Was the team’s full-time starter at right tackle as a junior, then slid over to left tackle as a senior, giving him a total of thirty-four career starts between the two tackle spots. Really looks the part with a very thick build and good length; looks much bigger than his listed size. Not the smoothest mover but has above-average speed and explosiveness, and plays with a good work rate through the whistle. However, at this point that energy is more impressive than his technique despite being essentially a three-year starter. Has a choppy kickslide and the length to protect the edge as a pass protector. Almost impossible to bull-rush your way past him to the quarterback; opponents need to use technique to set him up and take advantage of his tendency to lunge. More of a grabber than a puncher; hands find their way outside too often, and would like to see him delivering shots to the chest plate to jolt opponents and control snaps. Awareness appears to be a little bit lacking; teams were able to fool him with stunts/twists or freeze him by giving him blitz looks. Struggles to recover if he commits to the inside and a defender twists to his outside shoulder. Can overwhelm opponents physically at times in the run game, swallowing and flattening them with his sheer mass, especially as a down-blocker. However, has a lot of issues with his balance, tending to bend at the waist and even ending up on the ground on some snaps. Works hard to climb to the second level and engage opponents, but he struggles to square them up and ends up whiffing on a high percentage of snaps in that capacity. Struggles to sustain his blocks but can present a big natural obstacle when he’s able to position himself between the defender and the play. One of the more interesting developmental prospects in the class, offering an intriguing combination of size, athleticism, and effort, but who you’d like to see playing with better balance and technique after spending so much time in the starting lineup. Overall draft position will ultimately be influenced by how much room for improvement teams think he still has. Probably more of a late-round pick.

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