OT Yodny Cajuste, West Virginia

6’5” – 312 lbs. – N/A
Redshirted, then started six of seven games played before sustaining a season-ending left knee injury. Came back the following season and tore his right ACL in the season opener, then came back to serve as the team’s starting left tackle in each of the two subsequent seasons to conclude his collegiate career. Height is sort of on the borderline of what teams look for in offensive tackle, but has a very thick build, which he carries well, with a jacked upper body. Plays the game with a tough, physical temperament. Anchors easily against power, with some short-area quickness to set up and wall-off opponents. Initial punch is strong enough to jolt opponents; very good at delivering chips on interior linemen when no one is playing in the C gap. Technique is still messy despite starting for over two seasons. Has an awkward kick slide with very short steps, although he mirrors well once he’s engaged. Has too much weight over his knees; needs to play with a straighter back. Lowers his head into contact and slips off of a lot of blocks to either side. Opponents have too easy a time setting him up and using their technique to get past him. Needs to keep his hands inside more consistently. Played in an offense which called on him to do a lot of blocking on angles; has experience pulling to both sides. Looks good moving in the open; can cover lots of ground pulling left and get his body square. Tends to get caught up in congestion when trying to go in motion to the right, but can physically overwhelm opponents in one-on-one situations. Can really hear the pads clicking into contact. Has a pretty strong grip when he gets locked on and solid leg drive; can grind opponents off the line of scrimmage or toward the middle of the field to create rushing lanes. Lowers his head and ends up whiffing on some blocks in space. Would like to see him stay lower after making contact with defenders. Past knee injuries will require medical scrutiny. A physical specimen with the type of toughness and power teams look for in an offensive lineman, but whose technique is still very sloppy and who will consequently need to go into a good situation where he’s able to polish his game with a strong offensive line coach on a roster where he won’t have to step into the lineup immediately. May be a candidate to slide inside to guard.

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