QB Drew Lock, Missouri

6’4” – 228 lbs. – 4.69
Started the final eight of twelve games played as a true freshman, struggling mightily en route to 1,332 yards, four touchdowns, and eight interceptions (49.0%, 5.1 YPA). Improved to 3,399-23-10 (54.6%, 7.8) the following season, then broke out as a junior with 3,964-44-13 (57.8%, 9.5). Put together a line of 3,498-28-8 (62.9%, 8.0) to conclude his collegiate career, playing in Derek Dooley’s offense after Josh Heupel left to coach Central Florida. Heupel’s offense was a relatively simple, uptempo shotgun spread predicated on a combination of vertical throws and screens, whereas Dooley’s involved more different formations/pro-style concepts while still letting the quarterback operate out of the shotgun and offering run-pass options. Prototypical height and weight. Offers one of the top arms in this year’s class, with the ability to rifle passes on frozen ropes down the sidelines or zip them into tight windows; did a lot more work underneath this past season than he had in years past, but the offense was still focused around creating big plays on downfield throws. Release point is pretty low; throws come from somewhere between a sidearm and a three-quarters delivery. Gets the ball out very quickly in the short passing game; throws darts on quick hitches and other underneath routes to establish rhythm. If anything, does everything too quickly. Has sloppy mechanics in the lower body; attempts too many passes off of his back foot or from a narrow base, creating accuracy issues. Would like to see him step up into the pocket, set his feet, and transfer weight toward his target; too many fadeaways that end up nosediving into the grass at his receivers’ feet, even when he has a clean pocket to work with. However, does flash the ability to feel outside pressure, climb the pocket, and take shots downfield. Primarily a one-read passer with a lot of confidence in his arm, but is able to go to his second option when there’s nothing there. Has the ability to pick up first downs on options by sucking in the read man and outrunning linebackers to the sideline. Really struggled against the three top defenses he played this year: Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky. Clearly has high-level arm talent and was able to produce in two different offensive schemes against SEC defenses, but needs to overhaul almost every element of his mechanics from the waist down in order to address the accuracy issues which have plagued him throughout his career. A talent on par with the likes of Jay Cutler, he will likely be one of the first quarterbacks selected.

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