QB Dwayne Haskins, Ohio St.**

6’3” – 231 lbs. – 5.04
Redshirted in 2016, played in eight games as a redshirt freshman, then took over the starting role in 2018, going 13-1 and throwing for 4,831 yards, 50 touchdowns, and eight interceptions (70.0%, 9.1 YPA). Decided to capitalize on his sophomore success and declare for the draft. Thickly-built if not especially tall quarterback coming from Urban Meyer’s power-spread offense, which featured a lot of run-pass options from shotgun formations; often had the choice of handing it off, running it himself, or throwing off of play action. Decent athlete who made good decisions with the ball inside the aforementioned framework, with the ability to rumble through gaps for handfuls of yardage on options. Tends to operate from the pocket but is also capable of rolling out to either side, reset his feet, and complete passes. Does a good job of selling the play-action to freeze second-level defenders. Makes his way through progressions to find open receivers, a rarity in the class. Demonstrates the ability to look off defenders and come back to the other side to complete throws. Utilizes checkdowns, dropping his eyes from a primary target downfield and dumping passes off to receivers running shallow crosses or backs releasing into the flats, throws which constituted a high percentage of his completions. Gets the ball out quickly and demonstrates good ball placement on rhythm throws to facilitate yards after the catch, which Buckeye targets racked up a ton of this year. Typically uses a three-quarters delivery, but is also able to lower his arm angle and swing in some short passes that otherwise couldn’t be delivered over the top. Arm talent is impressive. Able to effortlessly power the ball down the sidelines, even when he doesn’t have a clean pocket to step up into, throwing tight spirals with good velocity. Unfortunately, overall ball placement downfield is iffy at best. Completed seventy percent of his total passes this past year, but that figure is inflated by the high percentage of throws within a few yards of the line of scrimmage; deep balls often sail on him. Often had the opportunity to operate from a clean pocket but his production fell off a cliff when he was facing pressure; tendency is to scramble for yardage, struggling to stand in and complete passes. A one-year starter who combines an impressive arm, a quick release, and an impressive combination of physical/athletic tools, but who struggled with ball placement on downfield throws and with pressure. Could be the first quarterback selected.
Projection: Round 1

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