QB Jarrett Stidham, Auburn*

6’2” – 218 lbs. – 4.81
Five-star recruit who originally attended Baylor, where he threw for 1,265 yards, twelve touchdowns, and two interceptions (68.8%, 11.6 YPA), starting three games before spending a semester at McLennan Community College. Transferred to Auburn and threw for 3,158-18-6 (66.5%, 8.5) in 2017 and 2,794-18-5 (60.7%, 7.6) in 2018, then declared for the draft. Has adequate size for a pro quarterback. Played out of the shotgun in a pretty simple offense which included a lot of package plays, screens, and timing-based throws; didn’t have to go through too many reads, and most passes came within ten yards of the line of scrimmage. Very talented quarterback whose game could benefit from more discipline. Good athlete who is light on his feet and has pretty good footwork when dropping back, although he didn’t take snaps from under center. Able to extend the play while keeping his eyes downfield to find targets, with enough athleticism to break containment and pick up the occasional first-down; good feel for pressure from the outside, climbing the pocket. Demonstrates effective weight transfer when given a clean pocket and plenty of time to throw. However, takes too many snaps in which he relies on torque from his upper body to generate velocity instead of stepping into throws; too many back-foot passes while on the move, something which wasn’t as big a problem in his offense but will make things difficult at the next level. Impressive ability to escape from congestion and create. As a quarterback with borderline height, you’d like to see him throw with a higher-release point; around three-quarters or maybe even a little lower. Arm talent itself is impressive. Gets good velocity on his passes and throws a tight spiral which allows him to throw into some pretty tight windows; didn’t throw to the outside too often but flashed the ability to work the sidelines with well-placed curls, etc. Overall accuracy is good; facilitates yards after the catch in the screen game and can put throws on the numbers within ten yards pretty consistently. Uses appropriate touch on his passes. A quarterback who played pretty well in the SEC over the past two seasons and who offers an interesting combination of athleticism, accuracy, and touch, but who you’d like to see operate more consistently from the pocket and from a stable platform; too prone to scrambling and attempting off-base throws. One of the more interesting developmental candidates in the class.

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