QB Ryan Finley, North Carolina St.

6’4” – 212 lbs.
Threw almost a hundred combined passes between 2014-2015 and has been starting for the past three seasons, during which his production has escalated: threw for 3,055 yards, 18 touchdowns, and 8 interceptions in 2016 (60.4% completion, 7.6 YPA); 3,518-17-6 (65.1%, 7.3) in 2017; and 3,928-25-11 (67.4%, 8.1) in 2018. Tall, well-built quarterback who looks the part. Played in an offense which had him working from the shotgun often, but would also go under center and pass out of play-action. Pretty light on his feet in the pocket, but doesn’t always throw from a good platform and transfer weight; lots of throws off the back foot which come in low. Has sound throwing mechanics from the waist up, with a high release point and reasonable delivery; able to get the ball out quickly on short, timing-based throws. The ball looks good coming out of his hand, with a tight spiral and good velocity; arm strength is definitely in line with pro requirements. Can get the ball out to the sidelines and throw downfield. Throws with anticipation to the back-shoulder. Capable of rolling out to his right and completing passes on the run. However, ball placement is iffy. Tends to miss high, forcing incompletions or limiting his receivers’ ability to gain yards after the catch. Could use more touch on anticipatory throws; doesn’t always know when to take something off, sailing passes on short three-step drops. A lot of his production came on trusting his receivers to come down with 50-50 balls. Has a tendency to stare down targets; wasn’t really asked to go through a lot of progressions, executing predetermined throws instead. Something of a gunslinger who takes risks with the ball into tight windows even with a clean pocket, and decision-making tends to crumble under pressure; needs to know when to take a sack or throw the ball away. Would like to see him climb the pocket instead of rolling out to the right. Not the most mobile quarterback, but is capable of buying time with his feet by fleeing the pocket or picking up the occasional first down on scrambles, package plays, or designed runs; has some impressive snaps where he extends the play and finds receivers for first-downs. Essentially teams would be drafting him for his size, arm talent, and positive trajectory over the past three seasons, and hoping he will be able to clean up his footwork/lower-body mechanics and learn to work from under center and go through progressions.

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