QB Trace McSorley, Penn St.

6’0” – 202 lbs. – 4.57
Threw forty passes as a freshman and has been starting ever since. Threw for 3,614 yards, 29 touchdowns, and eight interceptions as a sophomore (57.9%, 9.3 YPA), then totaled 3,570-28-10 (66.5%, 8.4) as a junior. Production really suffered this past season and was only able to manage 2,530-18-7 (53.2%, 7.0). Undersized quarterback on the fringe of what’s acceptable at the pro level. Played in an offense which had him working out of the shotgun, doing a lot of work in the quick passing game, often off of play-action or out of package plays. Didn’t drop more than three steps often but fundamentals on short drops look sound. Has a quick release and is capable of dropping his arm angle to complete passes. Good athlete who’s light on his feet and has some escapability. Received quite a few carries on designed runs and can scramble for first downs when he finds an open lane, although he takes some big hits especially given his small frame; tough player but needs to do a better job of protecting his body. Mostly a dink-and-dunk passer in college who completed a lot of screens and short throws (especially slants); would attempt some passes toward the sidelines, but didn’t test defenses downfield very often and may not have the velocity to fit the ball into tight windows. Decision-making can be questionable, but some of his interceptions are just bad throws rather than bad decisions. Struggled with accuracy this past year, with his completion percentage dropping by 13.3%; appears to be a problem with weight transfer, which may in turn have been affected by a foot injury he played through. Doesn’t step into throws consistently and a lot of his passes consequently end up short of his receiver; tends to rely on torque in the upper body to generate power. Sprays the ball high/wide as he tries to test defenses downfield. Lacks composure in the pocket against pressure and eats a lot of sacks; tends to drop his eyes too early and will sometimes run himself into trouble when there was still a chance of climbing the pocket and buying time. An undersized quarterback who can get the ball out quickly on short, rhythm throws and who can pick up yardage with his feet, but who struggles with accuracy and lacks the arm strength to throw downfield. Has a chance to come off the board in the late rounds.

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