QB Tyree Jackson, Buffalo*

6’7” – 249 lbs. – 4.59
Redshirted, then started nine games the following season, throwing for 1,772 yards, nine touchdowns, ad nine interceptions (53.1%, 5.7 YPA), adding 399 yards and five touchdowns on the ground. Went 2,096-12-3 (60.3%, 8.8) the following year with another 197-4 rushing, then 3,131-28-12 (55.3%, 7.7) with 161-7 rushing as a junior before declaring for the draft. At 6’7”, 245, will be one of the biggest pro quarterbacks in recent memory. Took snaps out of the shotgun in an offense predicted on run-pass options, with a lot of his throws being quick releases on slants and other patterns of that nature; however, was also asked to make plenty of pro-style throws to the outside and further downfield. Although he didn’t play from under center, did take some drops out of the shotgun and appears to have solid footwork. Usually able to step into a clean pocket with effective weight transfer and drive his throws. Prefers to throw from the pocket but is capable of rolling out to his right in order to extend the play and completing passes on the run; solid ability to improvise and keep his eyes downfield against pressure. Has plenty of raw arm strength. Able to fit the ball into tight windows or complete passes downfield and toward the boundaries; offense involves a high ratio of pro-style throws beyond ten yards from the line of scrimmage. Very good velocity on his balls. Demonstrates the ability to look off safeties before making his throws, although the majority of his passes are predetermined reads. Has a tendency to stare down targets, a flaw which is compounded by an elongated delivery which could allow pro defensive backs to get the jump on his throws. Doesn’t always recognize coverages and ends up attempting some risky throws. Needs to learn when to throw the ball away instead of trying to fit throws into tight windows. Ball placement is a little bit inconsistent; tends to miss high/long, putting too much on his passes. Only completed over 60% of his passes in one season, although some of that has to do with being asked to throw downfield regularly. An intriguing prospect who combines excellent size, a cannon of an arm, and the athleticism to escape the pocket and pick up yardage with his feet, but who struggled with accuracy and decision-making in college. Might be more of a mid-round developmental prospect.

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