RB Devin Singletary, Florida Atlantic*

5’8” – 203 lbs. – 4.66
Has been making major contributions for the Owls since he arrived on campus, posting 152-1,021-12. Followed that up with a monster sophomore campaign of 301-1,920-32, and then went 261-1,348-22 as a junior before declaring for the draft. Smaller back, although he has proven that he can handle a huge workload over the past three seasons. Plays in an offense which includes a lot of sweeps/off-tackle runs out of the shotgun. Plus vision and clean footwork. Does a good job of stutter-stepping and sliding to find holes; good cuts in the backfield to bounce runs outside when lanes between the tackles are congested. Demonstrates impressive burst in the hole, gets up to speed quickly, and is difficult to bring down once he gets to the edge and gets one-on-one situations against opposing defensive backs. Has excellent creativity/elusiveness to make defenders miss, and can even break tackles here or there despite his smaller, thinner frame, spinning off of would-be tacklers or running through arm tackles. Good competitiveness and leg drive to finish his runs. Fast enough to hit home runs when he’s in the open field, and broke a lot of big runs this past season. Able to escape from some difficult situations and make something out of nothing on plays with blown blocks. Good ball security, with just five career fumbles. Most of his carries at the college level were outside the tackles, does a good job of getting low and navigating tight spaces on inside runs. Caught fifty-one passes over the course of his collegiate career, but just six this past season in an offense which tended to use its backs as blockers on passing downs, with some simple releases into the flats. Lacks ideal size for a pass protector but shows good willingness to stick his nose in and help chip defenders on the edge. Occasionally serves as the lead blocker on rushing attempts out of two-back sets; gives good effort to climb up to the second level and can get in the way a little bit, but can struggle to line up opponents in space and often ends up trying to shove opponents wide of the mark rather than securing direct blocks. The most productive, elusive, and exciting back in this year’s class, his stock will depend primarily on how concerned teams are about drafting a smaller back who’s been given nearly 800 touches over the past three years.

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