RB Jordan Scarlett, Florida*

5’11” – 208 lbs. – 4.47
Started eight of thirteen games as a true freshman, leading the team in rushing with a line of 179-889-6. Was suspended for his entire sophomore season after allegedly participating in a credit card fraud scam, then came back to start for the team once again, posting 131-776-5. Declared for the draft following the season. Has a pretty solid build for a modern running back. Despite running well at the Combine, is not the fastest or most explosive runner, but offers an impressive combination of flexibility, balance, elusiveness, and tackle-breaking ability. Demonstrated the ability to make something out of nothing, slithering out of the grasp of opposing defenders and bouncing runs outside for a few yards where a loss previously seemed all but certain. Able to juke and stutter-step his way past defenders in one-on-one situations when he gets to the edge. More of a chunk runner than someone who’s going to hit home runs, and despite being able to slip out of more than his fair share of tackles, can’t really be considered a power back either; survives rather than punishing opponents with a low pad level, and most of his better runs came off-tackle, either by design or by necessity. Ball security is solid, with just two career fumbles on just under 360 total touches. Struggled as a receiver during the games reviewed, letting a few passes slip through his grasp. Caught just fifteen passes over the course of his career, ten of which came this past season. Would line up on the outside as a receiver at times, but that tended to be just window dressing rather than an indicator of high-quality receiving ability. Showed more as a blocker, with a good level of physicality to take on opponents in blitz pickup or when leading the way on a rushing play. Does a good job of staying on his feet and knocking opponents off-balance with powerful shoves/chip blocks. A prospect who proved that he could produce at the SEC level over two seasons as a starting back, his size, speed, and power are nothing special, but he has a pretty interesting combination of tools which allow him to produce on the ground. Lack of value as a receiving back and season-long suspension in 2017 may relegate him to being more of a late-round pick or even undrafted free agent.

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