RB Mike Weber, Ohio St.*

5’10” – 211 lbs. – 4.47
Redshirted, then immediately stepped into a major role with the team, carrying the ball 182 times for 1,096 yards and nine touchdowns the following year. Saw his role reduced the following year as J.K. Dobbins broke out, going 101-626-10, then put together a 172-1,050-6 line behind Dobbins as a junior before declaring for the draft. Has a career 54-297-1 receiving line. Has a solid build for a modern pro running back, and carried a reasonable load in Urban Meyer’s power spread, getting his touches out of the shotgun. Looks best when he’s running sweeps and taking other off-tackle carries. Has quick feet and adequate burst, with the ability to pick up a few yards running between the tackles. Does a good job of recognizing and hitting cutback lanes. Has the speed to outrun opponents to the corner. Uses head-fakes and stutter-steps to freeze linebackers once he gets into the open. Overall power is just average. Has the ability to lower the shoulder and push the pile when he’s in the open with a full head of steam, where he can also make his way through arm tackles, but is often stood up and his forward progress stopped when he’s exposed to contact near the line of scrimmage. Too often tripped up by arm tackles when trying to get to the edge, causing him to miss out on some opportunities to break big gains. Ball security is an issue: fumbled the ball ten times on just over five hundred career touches at the college level, a pretty high rate. Wasn’t targeted too often as a receiver, but usage was pretty interesting; would run your typical swing routes, but would also take some swings out of motion or run into the flats after being aligned as a receiver tight to the formation. Actual receiving ability is somewhat hard to get a feel for, as he was rarely targeted during the games reviewed. Tended to be sent on routes but also demonstrates sound fundamentals in pass protection, engaging opponents from his feet, with his knees bent and arms extended. A runner who offers an impressive combination of quickness and speed, but who lacks the type of power teams look for in a feature back, and who wasn’t so prominently featured as a receiver that teams can pencil him in as a passing-down specialist. Consequently, looks like he might slip into the mid-rounds as a change-of-pace runner.

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