RB Myles Gaskin, Washington

5’9” – 205 lbs. – 4.58
Has been remarkably consistent over the course of his career, making major contributions in all four seasons with the Huskies and handling a similar workload in each. Ran for 227-1,302-14 as a freshman, 237-1,373-10 as a sophomore, 222-1,380-21 as a junior, and 259-1,268-12 as a senior. Also caught sixty-five passes over the four years. On the small side for a pro running back, although he has proven his ability to handle a heavy workload over the past four seasons. Runs with a sense of urgency. Has good vision to find lanes and the footwork to make cuts and slide himself into rushing lanes; good eye for opportunities to bounce runs outside. Demonstrates the burst in the hole to pick up yardage running between the tackles. Has the raw speed to beat defenders to the edge and pick up chunks of yardage in the open field. Impressive stutter-steps and jump-cuts to make defenders miss or get himself into the open. Struggles to break tackles, but runs hard and does a good job of finishing his runs by pinballing off of opponents and falling forward. Can occasionally make it through arm tackles when he has a head of steam. Only four fumbles in four years. Lined up all over as a receiver; often takes snaps split out or in the slot as more of a traditional wideout. Also made available as a checkdown on delayed releases or swings into the flats. However, wasn’t really a major element of the team’s passing game, tending to be thrown the occasional swing pass to try and get him in one-on-one situations in space. Has the lateral quickness to slide, but struggles to absorb contact as a blocker, getting knocked off of his spots because of his overall lack of bulk/lower body strength. More concerning, sometimes appears content to make a perfunctory effort in that area, letting too many edge rushers get a clear path to the passer. Has a tendency to lower his head or engage without using his arms, leading opponents to work past him easily. Would like to see a grittier approach to his responsibilities there, something more commensurate with the type of intensity he exhibits as a runner. After watching another manic, undersized Pac-12 runner succeed last year in Philip Lindsey, there might be a considerable market for the services of a player like Gaskin, especially given his four years of impressive production at Washington. Working against him are his size, the significant amount of tread he’s accumulated, and his relative lack of value as a blocker.

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