RB Tony Pollard, Memphis*

6’0” – 210 lbs. – 4.52

Hybrid running back and wide receiver who also served as a dangerous return specialist. Redshirted, then received a total of sixty touches the following year, split almost evenly between rushing attempts and receptions. Had another sixty-six touches the following year, then rushed 78-552-6 and caught 39-458-3 in his junior campaign before declaring for the draft. Also returned a total of seven kick returns for touchdowns over the past three years. Lines up all over the formation; plays quarterback in the wild cat, runs out of the backfield, and takes snaps from the slot. Despite his success returning kicks, overall speed and burst are just good, not great. Does have enough juice to beat opposing defenders to the edge and get himself into space against smaller opponents; most of his runs were off-tackle. Smooth accelerator and overall mover who combines pretty good vision with solid cutting ability, allowing him to weave through traffic. Not the most powerful back, playing a little bit smaller than his listed size, but is capable of running through arm tackles when he gets going and doesn’t shy away from contact. Has pretty good ball security, with just three career fumbles on over three hundred touches, all of which came in his redshirt freshman season. Gives solid effort as the lead blocker in two-back sets, including out of the wildcat. Willing to get physical with opponents and does a good job of using his athleticism to successfully line up and engage opposing defenders in space. More competitive than powerful but still managed solid results during the games reviewed, a holding call negating a touchdown in the UCF game notwithstanding. As a receiver, caught a lot of tunnel screens and other shorter patterns: hitches, slants, etc. Was mostly used as a stalk blocker and decoy from the slot. Route running is a little bit rough at this point, looking like a back rather than a true receiver. Struggles to make adjustments to poorly-thrown balls, with two passes hitting his hands and falling incomplete in the Houston game. Was also retained in pass protection and is willing to get physical but needs to use his arms more instead of throwing chips. A fun gadget player who comes solid size and athleticism with dangerous ability as a return specialist, those traits should be enough to get him drafted, even if he’s not quite a master of either carrying or catching the ball on offense.

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