TE Alize Mack, Notre Dame

6’4” – 249 lbs. – 4.70
Started five of thirteen games played as a freshman (13-190-0), then did not appear in any games the following year. Worked his way into the starting lineup for six of ten games played the following year, then went 19-166-1. Enjoyed his breakout year as a senior, posting 34-349-3. Offers a nice combination of size and length at the tight end position, with arms which measured nearly 34” in Indianapolis; has a somewhat thick build. Lined up all over at the college level, typically as either an inline blocker or slot receiver. Gives good effort as a blocker, getting physical with opposing defenders in a phone booth. Gets his hands high and keeps his legs driving after contact; however, doesn’t have a ton of power. More importantly, has a tendency to fall off of blocks, typically because he’s overextended or because he’s lowered his head; rarely manages to stay locked onto an opponent through the whistle. Plays off-balance in pass protection and made it easy for opposing ends to slip past him despite his effort. Was rarely retained as a pass-blocker, tending to be sent on pass routes. Seems to have some trouble releasing against physical press coverage when running routes out of the slot. Adequate athlete who ran well at the Combine but doesn’t look particularly fast on tape; smoother than he is explosive, and many of his routes were crossing patterns, out routes, and others of that nature. Uses head-fakes at the stem but doesn’t have the snappiest routes; will often round them off and may have an easier go of things when he’s able to work underneath zone coverages than when trying to create separation against man. Provides a big target for the quarterback; in addition to his size and length, put together an impressive workout at the Combine, with a 36” vertical leap and 10’0” broad jump. Reliable catcher who can bring in throws away from his frame with soft hands. Demonstrates impressive focus and toughness when making contested catches; somehow managed to hold onto the ball after absorbing a monster hit early in the Michigan game this past year. A prospect who has the physical and athletic traits teams look for and was pretty productive at the college level, but who doesn’t look particularly fast or explosive as a route-runner and who struggles to sustain his blocks through the whistle. Consequently, may be more of a late-round pick in this year’s draft.

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