TE Dawson Knox, Mississippi

6’4” – 254 lbs. – N/A
Redshirted, then appeared in six games on special teams the following year. Started nine of ten games as a sophomore and eleven of twelve games as a junior before declaring for the draft, posting lines of 24-321-0 and 15-284-0. Has pretty solid size for a pro tight end. Tended to line up as an H-Back or split out in the slot for the Rebels, rather than as a typical inline tight end; didn’t see him taking snaps out of a three-point stance during any of the games reviewed. Was asked to execute a wide variety of blocking assignments. Gives good effort in that capacity, whether coming in motion and cracking opponents, executing cut blocks, trying to frame up opponents in the screen game, or being retained in pass protection. Capable of engaging opponents after moving across the formation or when he’s asked to get in space. A pretty solid athlete with generally good arm extension and adequate lower-body strength to absorb power when anchoring. However, can sometimes slip off of blocks by overextending and bending at the waist. Can sometimes forget to get his arms involved, allowing opponents to discard him pretty easily. Doesn’t always have the lateral quickness or wide base to stick with defensive ends as a pass protector. Wasn’t a major part of his team’s passing game, which featured three pro prospects at the wide receiver position, but is actually a pretty good athlete when running routes from the slot. Smooth accelerator with what looks like pretty good top-end speed. Often breaks his routes over the middle of the field and flashes the ability to get inside position, shield defenders from the ball, and come down with contested catches. Also ran some whip routes, curls, and other underneath patterns. Able to use his length to provide a big catch radius for the quarterback; hands-catcher who can bring in balls away from his frame and adjust to poor throws. One of the more well-rounded tight end prospects, he offers an impressive combination of size and athleticism, having executed a variety of run- and pass-blocking assignments fairly well and giving indications that he could become a viable target in the passing game as well. Some projection is required – will have to block within his frame and with more consistent extension and wasn’t used too often in the passing game – but looks like a solid mid-round candidate.

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