TE Dax Raymond, Utah St.*

6’5” – 255 lbs. – 4.73
Appeared in nine games as a freshman, then redshirted the following year. Stepped into the starting lineup as a redshirt sophomore and went 41-456-1, then saw his production dip to 27-345-2 as a junior before declaring for the draft. Well-built tight end with good size and bulk and decent length. Lines up all over the formation, playing inline, from the slot, and as an H-Back. Most valuable as a receiving option, and runs most of his patterns from the slot. Is a smooth mover with some shake and enough speed to challenge down the seam. Doesn’t have the snappiest routes and can glide through his patterns, rounding them off at the stem, but still managed to get some separation in college. Able to snatch the ball away from his frame, demonstrating good body control and a reliable pair of hands which measured over 10” in Indianapolis. Can get low and scoop up underthrown passes, or hold onto passes into contact. Once he’s secured the catch, shows the ability to pick up additional yards after contact, wasting little time getting upfield and weaving through traffic. Could do a better job of using his frame to shield defenders from the ball. A little bit awkward as a blocker, although he plays with physicality and was asked to handle various different responsibilities, sealing the edge as an inline blocker, coming in motion and cracking defenders, etc. Athleticism gives him good range and does a pretty good job of getting out in space or climbing and successfully engaging opponents. Capable of blocking down on the outside shoulder and sealing. Gives good effort but struggles to sustain and has some balance issues which crop up. The size and effort are there for him to develop into a good blocker with time, but needs to improve his functional strength and hand placement. Also wasn’t retained much as a pass protector, running routes on almost every passing down during the games reviewed. One of the more well-rounded tight ends in this year’s class, offering solid size and athleticism, reliable hands as a receiving option, and very good effort as a blocker. Still needs to improve his functional strength and balance in the run game, but those are both coachable. Should be considered in the mid-rounds as an intriguing developmental option with the upside to develop into a starter.

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