TE Drew Sample, Washington

6’5” – 255 lbs. – 4.71
Redshirted, then started seven games the following season, appearing in every contest and posting 5-45-2. Followed that up with starting campaigns of 9-106-0 and 7-84-0 before enjoying his most productive season as a senior (25-252-3). Well-built tight end with a good combination of size, bulk, and length, arms measuring just over 33.5” in Indianapolis. Tends to take snaps as either an inline tight end or as an H-Back, but will split out wide on occasion as well. As his production would indicate, greatest strength of his game is as a blocker. Very good competitor in the run game; gets physical with opponents and works hard to sustain through the whistle. Has the short-area quickness to wall off opponents and the arm extension and anchor strength to keep them there. Good hand placement, although he can struggle to lock on with his hands. Bends at the knees and keeps his legs churning after contact to create movement. Able to come in motion and crack defenders in space. Surprisingly wasn’t retained as a blocker in pass protection as often as you’d think. Usage as a receiver was limited until this past season, when he started running more routes as a safety valve for his quarterback, primarily drags and other underneath patterns (especially hitches from out wide) in which he served as a checkdown option. It’s a shame he wasn’t more integrated into the team’s passing game, as he looks like a pretty smooth athlete and ran well enough at the Combine to suggest he might have some untapped potential as a receiving option. Before he’s able to contribute in that capacity, will need to diversify his route tree beyond the two types of routes mentioned earlier, paying more attention to detail and improving the snap and explosiveness he shows at the route stem in order to create separation; at this point, about the most that could be said is that he works in some head fakes and demonstrates the ability to weave trough traffic on drag routes. Actual receiving ability is difficult to get a feel for because of a lack of targets. A big-bodied tight end who can line up in the trenches and go to battle against opposing defensive ends in the run game, but who it requires some projection to imagine as a receiver. Good workouts may have earned him a spot in the mid-rounds of the draft.

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