TE Jace Sternberger, Texas A&M*

6’4” – 251 lbs. – 4.75
Also played basketball in high school. Originally attended Kansas, where he redshirted and then caught one pass over ten games the following year before transferring to Northeastern Oklahoma A&M. Spent one season there, then came to Texas A&M, where he became a starter and ended up catching 48-832-10 before declaring for the draft. Lines up all over the formation, taking snaps as an inline tight end, as an H-Back, and split out wide or in the slot. A very athletic, natural receiver who was one of the focal points of his team’s offense last year. Long-strider who accelerates smoothly and has impressive top-end speed. Runs routes to different levels of the field, and may do his best work at the intermediate level. Demonstrates good footwork going into his breaks, sinking his hips and creating throwing windows for his quarterback. Is a big target with a wide catching radius and soft hands. However, can struggle to work through physical coverage and make contested catches in tight coverage. Has some elusiveness in the open field to pick up yards after the catch, with the team trying to scheme him into situations where he’d have room to run. Not purely a receiver; also had extensive blocking responsibilities. Was often asked to line up as an H-Back and execute blocks on the move; on those snaps, shows the athleticism to pull across the formation, get out in front of outside rushing attempts, and engage defenders at the second level. Playing inline, fundamentals look pretty good in the blocking game; bends at the knees, keeps his back straight, gets his arms extended, and works hard to sustain through the whistle. Has a tough and competitive on-field temperament. Flashes the ability to get his hands on the chest plate and grind out some push with his leg drive, but is more of a wall-off blocker overall. There isn’t yet enough sand in his pants to hold the point of attack against opposing defensive ends. Wasn’t retained too often in pass protection, with the team preferring to try and get him involved as a receiver. A player who was asked to do it all at the college level and who offers a nice combination of size, athleticism, receiving ability, and competitiveness, but who will need to add functional strength to his game to be able to mix it up with pro defenders.

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