TE Kendall Blanton, Missouri

6’6” – 262 lbs. – 4.95
Redshirted, then spent the next season as a reserve/special-teams player. Became the primary tight end in the following season, and spent three years in that role to conclude his career, posting lines of 16-161-3, 6-138-1, and 22-177-2. Tall, with good bulk and length for a pro tight end. Lines up all over the formation, but the majority of his snaps come as a traditional inline “Y” tight end, and that will likely be his role at the pro level as well. Blocking is a little bit sloppy at this point, but flashes the ability to develop into a contributor in that role with further work on his technique/fundamentals. Fires out of his stance low and with explosiveness, and plays with above-average functional strength. Generates enough pop on contact to create movement and can seal defensive ends inside when blocking on angles. Plays with physicality and aggression, churning his legs to get push. Can overwhelm opposing defensive backs when he successfully engages them in space as a stalk blocker in the screen game. However, at this point tends to fall off of too many blocks, with balance issues which crop up too frequently. Can be too aggressive and end up overextending himself or struggle to square up opponents before initiating contact, particularly when he’s on the move. Tended to run routes on passing downs, often out of the slot, but wasn’t a particularly significant part of his offense’s power attack. Ran a pretty simple route tree consisting mostly of ins, outs, and curls from the slot. Reasonably athleticin a straight line, but slows down considerably into breaks and doesn’t generate the type of explosiveness there to create separation; tends to rely on physicality instead. Has a big frame and long arms but lacks natural ball skills, leading to dropped passes. Pro future may consequently involve being retained in pass protection or coming off of the field on obvious passing downs. Didn’t take as many snaps there during the games reviewed, but plays with a good base and the lateral quickness to mirror, although he can lower his head and make himself susceptible to counters. A big, physical, and aggressive blocker who needs to clean up his technique and doesn’t offer much as a receiver, he looks likely to be more of a late-round pick or undrafted free agent, although he could develop into a role player in the run game with some work.

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