TE Tommy Sweeney, Boston College

6’5” – 251 lbs. – 4.83
Redshirted, then was little-used as a redshirt freshman, catching five passes. Has been the Eagles’ starting tight end ever since, posting lines of 26-353-3 in 2016, 36-512-4 in 2017, and 32-348-3 as a senior in 2018. Very solidly-built tight end with good musculature. Lines up all over the formation, primarily as an inline tight end but also as an H-Back or split out in the slot. Excellent blocker who ranks among the top tight ends in the class in that facet of the game. Fires out low and with explosiveness, exhibits good extension and grip strength, and keeps his legs churning after contact to generate push. Plays with a nasty demeanor and can drive opponents into the dirt or seal them in by attacking their outside shoulder. Capable of coming in motion and delivering crack blocks on opposing defensive ends to lead the way or cut off backside pursuit. Has some balance issues which crop up on tape but which didn’t prevent him from consistently executing during the games reviewed. Wasn’t retained in pass protection as much, tending to be sent on routes; based on a very limited sample size, appears to be more powerful as a drive blocker than he is in terms of anchoring against power. Reasonably athletic receiving option who ran routes at the short and intermediate levels; has been pretty well-integrated into the team’s passing game for the past three seasons, representing more than a mere safety valve on underneath throws. Doesn’t have great snap or explosion at the route stem; more of a smooth mover than anything. However, can occasionally get opposing defenders in his hip pocket and shield them from the ball. Presents the quarterback with a big target with soft hands. Good body control to adjust to passes away from his frame and bring throws in without letting them into his body; can climb the ladder and catch passes over the top or pirouette and make back-shoulder grabs. Capable of coming down with throws in traffic. An excellent blocker who plays with aggression and leverage, and who is also a solid receiver with smooth movement skills, impressive body control, and reliable hands, he represents one of the safer, more complete tight end prospects in this year’s draft class. One of the prospects who could conceivably sneak into the second day and probably won’t slip past the mid-rounds.

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